My Latest Beauty Obsession | The Lipsticks I’ve Been Loving

LIPSTICK OBSESSED The last few months have seen me wearing more lipsticks and lip products than I have ever worn in my life. I believe lipstick is a great way to change up your daily look when you don’t have much time. Recently I completed… View Post

How To Survive Graduating From University

On the 13th July 2016 I officially graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in English, which concluded what I would consider the best three years of my life. The few weeks that followed my graduation were extremely difficult, and looking back I would say… View Post


Hi everyone! My name is Mariella, I’m 23,  a graduate of Loughborough University, and currently working as a Digital Account Executive, which basically means I play on social media for a living. On this blog I will be talking about Beauty and Style, sharing with… View Post