How To Survive Graduating From University


On the 13th July 2016 I officially graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in English, which concluded what I would consider the best three years of my life.

The few weeks that followed my graduation were extremely difficult, and looking back I would say I went through some sort of ‘University Blues’.I wasn’t the only one feeling like this, many of my friends were also going through the same thing. I had no plans for the future and the realisation that my ‘real life’ had started, was all very overwhelming for me. Most days I would find my-self crying because I didn’t want to start my adult life. I wanted soo badly to be back at university. There were many things that I knew I would miss about Uni, the lifestyle was obviously great, no parents, no real responsibilities, plus the abundance of great nights out. But most of all I was dreading not being with my friends pretty much 24/7. We were all going off doing different things, some starting work, some doing masters, some looking for work, like me. No longer could I just walk into the living room and chill with my house mates, or walk around the corner to my friends; no more bumping in to people I knew constantly around town, or literally seeing everyone on nights out. I was really going to miss my little Loughborough ‘Bubble’, and knowing that my Uni bubble had burst affected me quite a lot, and still upsets me if I think about it now.


Eventually moving on

Now back in the present, 2 months later, things have changed a bit. Although it still does sometimes make me jealous seeing people back at university, and I do still miss it, I no longer wish that I was back there. In a weird way I have moved on from Loughborough and have come to realise that it wouldn’t be the same if I was still there. Now I’m more excited for future opportunities, and the possibility of actually earning money so I can one day live in a flat with my friends. And no, I don’t actually have a job yet, but I have been applying to LOTS of jobs and have secured my-self a Christmas job woo! Soon I will also be applying to Grad Schemes, which I am slightly terrified about, but know will give me the best opportunities and entry into the job world. So yes things are slightly scary at the moment, I have zero income, which means I am having to be very careful with my spending (something which is incredibly difficult for me). But for now, I am comforted by the fact that with some hard work and probably a lot of rejections, I will eventually be able to get a job and start my new life. All the worries I had to do with leaving my bubble, have not gone, but have become less important, because I know I will always stay in touch with the closest friends I’ve made. I’ve also decided that if possible I would love to go travelling in this free time I have before starting my real job, which will require some money but will probably be my last time to be able to do it whilst I’m young. So I guess if I could give advice to anyone going through the same thing, it would be to stay calm and not to worry too much. Yes, this period of your life is scary, but it is also ok to not have a plan, you are young and can go and do whatever you want. Don’t let people make you feel that you have to go straight in to a job, and remember that things will get better. My friend recently sent me a quote which I though was quite fitting for this post; ‘Sometimes when things are falling apart, they actually may be falling into place’, I hope it helps.



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